Bled Runner

Author: Camille Millerand

  Country: France

  Category: Multimedia French

Production funded by the Migration Media Award :
To reach Europe, Pascal, Prince, Anne, Mimi and Pharell crossed the sea to Italy in the summer of 2016. Earlier, they transited through Algeria where for several months, they lived together in the same house in Algiers suburb, called « Derwisha » What did they become in Europe? What are their socio economic environements today ? Have they fulfilled their dreams since they left Algeria ? beyond each of their cahotic travels and extraordinary journey of their migration, all face similar issues as anyone of us : love stories, dreams, conflicts... This is the story of a migration flow documenting not only what happened earlier but rather what comes next on the European territory, telling the story of the former inhabitants of «Derwisha».

Password: bledrunner