UNHCR in Libya

Author: Sara Creta

  Country: Italy

Media: Published by EuroNews

  Category: Multimedia English

Production funded by the Migration Media Award :
An investigation in the situation faced by refugees in detention centers in Libya and possible misbehaviour by the UNHCR in the country; raising further doubts on the dark side of the European cooperation in Libya. The investigation shows that migrants have being recruited to help militia in Libya's civil war and that they had bribed their way into detention center, in an effort to speed up their asylum claims. A former UNHCR Libya staff painted an image of an agency overstretched and out of its depth, with asylum seekers left homeless, deprived of medical care and in legal limbo in an increasingly violent Libya. The former staff member described a chaotic infrastructure at UNHCR, where he worked for several years, with asylum seekers registered under incorrect nationalities and others forced to wait for months to hear the status of their applications.