> The communication on migration has become an increasingly prioritised topic

The current discourse surrounding migration has taken a dramatically negative turn in the last decade both within Europe and internationally, demanding a review on how information pertaining to migration is gathered, shared and disseminated amongst different actors, which greatly affects both migration policy and public perception.

> Media reports on migration play an important role in shaping people's opinions

Information on and discussion of migration in the public sphere play an important role in shaping people's opinions and perceptions of their neighbours and of the world around them. Many groups are involved, but when it comes to "communicating migration" the pivotal player is media. A media award recognizes the key role of media and thus, it aims to further improve the quality of journalistic work, mainly to reinforce the positive role which media can play when it comes to influencing the current narrative on migration.

> To put a focus on migration, its complexity, challenges and opportunities

By creating and running a migration media award, the implementing partners put a focus on migration; its challenges, opportunities and perception. The objective is to reward outstanding pieces of journalistic work on migration-related challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean area, by which the partners of the award recognize the important role which media plays when it comes to “communicating migration”.

> To contribute to a balanced narrative on migration

A media award on migration in the Mediterranean is, at this point in time, a very powerful and first concrete activity to ensure that the narrative on migration regains balance, relies on facts and does away with unfounded preconceptions. The competition is open to all media outlets and journalists covering migration on both sides of the Mediterranean Sea. In total, the competition will result in up to 48 winning stories, which upon accepting the award will themselves foster another 48 stories - a total of 96 stories will thus be available under shared copyright for partners to use and disseminate for their communication, research or co-production purposes.

> To reward high quality reporting on migration

A media award is intended to reward high quality reporting of different types of media – namely print, TV, radio, but also social media - on a certain topic. A media award also recognises media and quality journalism as an important stakeholder in influencing public opinion and knowledge about certain topics.